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Who are qualified to become members of the LSGC?

All current students, faculty/staff, parents and alumni of all La Salle District Schools in the Philippines are qualified to join the La Salle Golf Club. Any holder of a current student, faculty/staff ID card from any La Salle School or holder of a current alumni ID card from any Lasallian alumni association is automatically qualified for membership in the LSGC.

Who are considered active or non-active members of the LSGC?

Non-profit organizations survive and flourish because of the support of their members. The LSGC is no exception. The collection of fees from new members and membership renewals contribute to the operational viability and existence of the Club.

The LSGC by-laws classify members as active and inactive. Essentially, the former refers to those who have paid annual fees and the latter, to those who have not.

Qualified members who wish to be active must pay annual fees. These are those who are registering for the first time or those whose LSGC Card have expired (renewals).

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