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La Salle - Ateneo Match Play

Match Play

ChampionsThe rivalry between La Salle and Ateneo, whether in academics or in sports, probably ranks as the best known and the most widely followed.

Since April 1984, hundreds of avid alumni golfers from both schools, as well as their provincial affiliates, have met annually and dueled for supremacy in the golf course. It took all of 16 such competitions before La Salle finally retired the Ambassador Carlos Valdez Cup in 2003.

In 2004, a new format was introduced the Ryder Cup-style team and individual match play competition. And in its inaugural year, the tournament called the Ateneo- La Salle Championship Matches, was held on June 11- 13, 2004, at the Sherwood Hills Golf Club, where Ateneo won over La Salle.

In 2005, the tournament was renamed Ateneo- La Salle Match Play, was held at Camp John Hay on Oct. 21- 23, and this time La Salle won over their counterparts from Ateneo.

In 2006, the tournament returned to Sherwood, and was held on Oct. 20- 22. And once again, the Lasallian golfers out pointed the Ateneans in a dramatic finish, by winning with the last putt, of the last flight on the last day.

During the past three years (2004- 2006), the tournament was managed and underwritten by Fil-Estate Golf and its affiliate Club Leisure.

In 2007, the co-owners of the event, the Ateneo Golf Foundation (AGF) and the La Salle Golf Club (formerly known as the DLSAA Golf Club) have entered into an agreement with Belle Corporation and Tagaytay Highlands, who will manage and underwrite the tournament, beginning with the 2007 La Salle- Ateneo Match Play.

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