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About Us

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In November 2004, the La Salle Golf Club (LSGC) was first organized as an alumni club of the De La Salle Alumni Association. It was then known as the DLSAA Golf Club. Its organization was premised on the following reasons: A significant number of Lasallian alumni are interested in golf as a sport and recreation. Student golfers regularly participated in inter-scholastic and inter-collegiate tournaments needed alumni support and financial assistance. There is a strong need to develop and promote golf among the Lasallian community particularly the young. And golf offers a tremendous opportunity to promote fellowship and unity among Lasallians, and a sense of belonging in One La Salle.

Last year, the DLSAA Golf Club formally evolved into the La Salle Golf Club, Inc (LSGC). Now a duly registered non-stock, non-profit under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it received the SEC Certificate of Registration on 03 June 2008.

Mission, Vision and Goals


LSGC's vision is to develop and promote golf as a recreation and sport among members of the Lasallian community and to foster a sense of belonging in One La Salle.

Mission & Goals

The purpose of the LSGC as enunciated in its articles of incorporation are

  • To foster camaraderie and fellowship among Lasallian alumni and students through the game of golf;
  • To assist in organizing and developing golf programs and tournaments for the La Salle district schools and the Lasallian community;
  • To organize and manage golf tournaments with other schools and organizations;
  • To develop golf scholarship opportunities for student athletes;
  • To develop and work closely with School Administrators and Alumni Associations of the different district schools with a view towards achieving synergy and a relationship beneficial to all parties concerned; and
  • To develop and promote golf as sports and recreation among Lasallian alumni and students.

Following the lead of the De La Salle Philippines (DLSP), the LSGC will pursue its objectives within the framework of a One La Salle spirit. It will work hand in hand with all La Salle district schools, alumni associations and the Lasallian community.